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"Mrs. Moreno, thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and hard work with Kian.  You’re an amazing teacher!"


- Danielle

mother of 2nd grader



"Natacha is not only a master in her craft of implementing communication goals, but does it in a fun way, while maintaining discipline and attention."


- Cheryl Jamison

School Psychologist



"I frequently referred other SLPs to Natacha since her experience and best practices were a shining example to many within the Pinellas County Schools."


- Laurie Serra, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech/Language Pathologist Mentor, PCS 



" Mrs. Moreno was instrumental in helping my daughter.  Leah is now very confident in her ability to talk to people and knows she will be understood.  I’m proud to report she is a great public speaker!"


- Donna

Mom of 2nd Grader


" Mrs. Moreno is a talented educator.  She is a generous and patient mentor that consistently displays excellence in professionalism."


- Lynnea

College intern


" Two of my children worked with Natacha for articulation errors. She was able to relate so well to their very different personalities, and they both loved her and looked forward to their therapy.  Both kids overcame all of their speech issues!"


- Cindy

Mom of 2nd and 5th grader



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