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Communication Skills at Work – Using verbal and nonverbal strategies to connect with others


Drawing on her extensive training and practical experience in the area of social communication, Natacha serves business and medical professionals seeking high-performing communication skills.


















Natacha provides presentations, one-on-one and group coaching in the following areas:


  • Exploring how mind-sets and beliefs are affecting your ability to communicate effectively

  • Examining different “states” – the way you feel when speaking – and how it affects the quality of your communication

  • Establishing Quick Rapport

  • Engaging in conversation with active listening skills

  • Using voice intentionally to connect with others – proper breathing, varying volume, pitch and tempo (pacing and pausing)

  • Employing verbal and non-verbal means to demonstrate your desire to connect with the other person





What Medical Professionals can master:


  • Using verbal and non-verbal behaviors to engender patients’ trust and respect

  • Employing strategies to improve clarity and understanding of explanations

  • Assessing patients’ needs through observation and conversation

  • Exploring the art of delivering difficult news






What Sales Professionals can master:


  • Adopting effective nonverbal cues that signal openness, honesty, and sincerity to  assist in building clients’ trust

  • Aligning gestures, postures, facial expressions, and vocal tone to accurately reflect  the intended message and desired outcomes

  • Achieving connection through tone of voice, posture, and  gesture.

  • Identifying “Yes” and “No” nonverbal signals

  • Decoding nonverbal cues to identify what clients are truly thinking or feeling









For More Information:



Contact Natacha, now, to customize one-on-one and group coaching programs to address you and/or your company's specific needs.










"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

- Teddy Roosevelt


"Natacha’s presentation on body language was very insightful and concise. It brought to light many things I had not considered before, and I think it will make me better at communicating with clients and peers in the future as I now understand that words make up less than 10% of communication!


- S. Green, CPA, CFE


"As a public speaker, Natacha makes great connections with her audience. She is funny, engaging, open, authentic, and informative. Her presentation on body language was incredibly thorough; she had plainly done her homework, ensuring that she covered material specific to our practice group’s interest in the practice of collaborative divorce. I would have her back to present again in a nano-second."


Joryn Jenkins, Attorney

Next Generation Divorce

"The presentation was great!  The pictures Natacha chose really showed what she was trying to get across to the audience.  She was wonderful!  

-Karen Woett, Sales Associate, Medallion Home

Natacha was great - professional and helpful!  She made the presentation light and enjoyable.  It will be so helpful in sales. It is a great feeling to be one step ahead of those across the table!

-Carol Gooding, Sales Associate, Medallion Home 

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